CalSTRS: 800-228-5453

CalPERS: 888-225-7377

Locally call KCSOS 661-636-4000 ask for STRS or PERS

Need a Doctor? MD LIVE provides you with 24/7/365 on-demand access to US board-certified doctors for just $5.00. Call 1-888-632-2738 or visit:

*NOTE: Walgreens is NOT a provider of Rx for Navitus.
*NOTE: As of 2/1/15 Bakersfield Heart Hospital IS a provider for Anthem Blue Cross.

Counseling: Anthem Blue Cross/Employee Assistance Program (EAP) 800-999-7222

Health Care Changes October 1st, 2015


CALPERS Circular Letter on Affordable Care Act(1095B and 1095C)

Members Only – Anthem Blue Cross Physician’s eligibility call: 800-322-5709

  1. Health Plan Summary of Benefits (PDF) – Affordable Healthcare Act – Notice (PDF)
  2. Anthem Blue Cross Plan (PDF)
  3. Anthem Blue Cross Booklet Plan Description (PDF)
  4. Anthem Blue Cross (EAP) Plan Pamphlet
  5. Comparison Chart for Both Dental Plans (PDF)
  6. Delta Dental – Online Information (PDF)
  7. Dental Implants (PDF)
  8. Delta Dental (PDF) – for a list of dentists, visit:
  9. Vision Service Plan (PDF)
  10. Vision Providers for Bakersfield (PDF)
  11. Costco RX-Generic Medication at No Cost & Pharmacy Hours (PDF)
  12. 1.5 Required DOCUMENTS for Additions to Insurance (PDF)
  13. FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)
  14. Phone Numbers and Help Contact Names (PDF)
  15. Health, Dental and Vision Websites and Toll Free Numbers (PDF)
  16. Pre-Designation of Personal Physician (PDF)
  17. Anthem Blue Cross Counseling Services (PDF)
  18. Employee Assistance Program
    Child & Elder Care, ID Recovery, Legal-Financial & Tobacco Free Assistance (PDF)
  19. Frequent Requested Phone Numbers (PDF)
  20. Anthem Preventative Health Guidelines 2010 (PDF)
  21. Certificated VSP Plan (PDF)
  22. Classified VSP Plan (PDF)
  23. District Paid Standard Life Insurance Policy for Certificated (PDF)
  24. District Paid Standard Life Insurance Policy for Classified (PDF)
  25. District Paid Standard Life Insurance Policy for MAC (PDF)
  26. SISC Quality Health Care Communications
  27. Voluntary Insurance Contact Numbers (PDF)
  28. Medical & Misc Phone Numbers (PDF)
  29. Names and Addresses (PDF)
  30. MD Live Information (PDF)
  31. Medical & RX Reimbursement Forms (PDF)
  32. Rx Mail Order Instructions